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Trying New Things During COVID-19

Dear Opalite Media Clients & Friends,

I hope you all are safe and well during this difficult time. I know many of us are adapting and adjusting during this time of social distancing. We wanted to share a few updates on our end.

While we’ve shut down on-site filming operations, we’re currently offering rapid response videos, which are short animated pieces designed to quickly deliver information or a call to action. Here are two examples related to current relief efforts:

United Way - COVID-19 Support Fund

United Way of Massachusetts Bay is supporting vulnerable families during this crisis

Boston Resiliency Fund

The BRF is providing food, technology, and support to Boston residents in need

We’re committed to using a range of tools (animation, text, voiceover audio, user generated content, archival footage, etc.) to keep delivering messages and telling stories, despite current limitations.


Public Service Announcement - Send us your suggestions!

Opalite Media is planning to donate a Public Service Announcement in the near future to an organization that is making a difference during the COVID-19 crisis. Please let us know if you have suggestions for causes or campaigns that would benefit from a donated PSA video. We’d love to hear your ideas!



If you’re looking to take your mind off of the news, check out at a short film that we produced featuring craft maker Janine Kwoh. Janine runs Kwohtations, a handmade stationery company and letterpress design studio. If someone in your life needs a kind message, we encourage you to take a look at her amazing work.

Warm wishes from Team Opalite. Stay well.


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