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Our Communities Can’t Wait: A Campaign with United Way

This fall, we partnered with United Way to produce a series of video pieces highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in Massachusetts. Unemployment in the state has skyrocketed to over 330,000 people, with 1 in 8 residents facing food insecurity. Tens of thousands of families are at risk of eviction, and hundreds of childcare centers and afterschool providers have closed. Since the start of the pandemic United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley has distributed over $8 million to residents across the state, providing emergency financial assistance to help pay for food, rent/housing, utilities, and other basic needs.

United Way partnered with Opalite Media to create several video stories focused on critical issue areas. These videos were designed to increase awareness among key stakeholders, including donors and policymakers, and increase support for its COVID-19 relief efforts. These videos included interviews with key voices from United Way staff and partner organizations.

Our Communities Can’t Wait: Addressing food insecurity in Massachusetts

Our Communities Can’t Wait: Afterschool should not be an afterthought


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