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Introducing Coal, Wind, Cowboys, An Opalite Documentary Series

Two years ago, Opalite embarked on an original documentary project set in Wyoming. Inspired by our work in the climate/clean energy space, we were interested in the impact of the energy transition on people and communities. Wyoming was a rich setting for this topic — as the leading producer of coal in the US, it is also home to a booming wind industry, Despite the opportunities created by green energy, coal towns are still reeling from the industry’s decline. 

The result of this passion project is Coal Wind Cowboys, a 4-part series examining the transition to renewable energy across the Western Frontier. Starting in the coal town of Gillette, Wyoming, the project expanded to several other communities in different states. An anchoring theme in the project is the myth of the American Frontier and how it continues to shape our sense of progress, identity, and relationship to the natural world. 

For the next 4 months, we’ll be releasing a short episode every month. We hope you’ll watch, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Episode 1, Everything’s Affected: A Reckoning in Wyoming’s Coal Country


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