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Pre-Event Promotion


We’ll produce video content to help promote and build anticipation for an event ahead of time. By crafting visually stunning narratives that highlight key speakers, themes, and experiences, we’ll help build excitement for an event before it begins.


In-Event Programming


We’ll produce captivating video stories to be screened as part of an event program. Pre-recorded video can also be used to highlight success stories, demonstrate new technologies, and showcase impact. These segments will add a deeper storytelling dimension to an event program.

Event Documentation 


We’ll document an event as it unfolds using a multi-camera setup and a talented team. We’ll capture the most compelling moments of a live event, so that they can be shared in a variety of formats.

Post-Event Content


We’ll create a variety of content to be shared after the event. This includes engaging highlight reels, testimonials, and condensed versions of the program Capturing these moments will extend the reach of an event, amplifying its impact and relevance long after it’s finished.

Let's talk about how we can support your live event.

ACLU 2023 Bill of Rights Film
City of Boston: BoSTEM
Boston Women's March
ACLU: Defending Civil Liberties
Boston Speaks Series


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