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Opalite Case Studies

Harvard Medical School

Challenge: Harvard Medical School (HMS) has the only Executive Education program within a medical school in the U.S. HMS was looking for new ways to expand thought leadership, enhance programs for business executives, develop marketing assets to reach new audiences, and grow their programming.


Insights: Rather than a “hard sell” of HMS’ education programs, we determined that real-world storytelling around patient experiences would connect business leaders to HMS’ brand in a unique way.

Solution: Opalite Media produced a patient-story mini documentary to create a visceral and engaging experience for HMS program participants and prospects. This digital video was used as a vital component of a campaign to expand HMS’ executive education programming, which grew substantially following the release of the video.

Harvard Medical School: Patient Story

Challenge: As Shorelight experienced rapid growth and became a leader in the higher education technology marketplace, the company was looking for a new vision for communicating how its unique model worked, to both internal and external audiences. 

Insights: Opalite Media initiated an audit of marketing assets, analyzed target audiences, and conducted interviews with leadership teams. We determined that Shorelight’s increasingly complex global distribution model could be most readily explained and understood through the lens of the student lifecycle.

Solution: Opalite developed a creative concept centered around the student lifecycle and produced a dynamic, multi-use explainer video. The video content is now used in several ways, including employee onboarding, new employee recruitment, a lead-in to live conferences and events, and a visual introduction to potential partners and investors.

Shorelight: How it Works
Shorelight: Investor Video
Ayanna Pressley for Congress

Challenge: In 2018, Ayanna Pressley was facing a heavily favored 10-term incumbent in the Democratic primary race for Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District.

Insights: Opalite Media developed a series of video concepts that aligned with the central goals of the campaign, including engaging a large group of new voters. The campaign directed resources away from traditional television advertising and towards a series of high-impact digital video pieces designed to engage audiences across social platforms.

Solution: Opalite Media created a series of videos credited by outlets such as the New York Times in helping to usher in a new era of political advertising. The #1 Bus video was credited as a significant factor in helping Pressley achieve victory by such a wide margin. In total, the 4 videos that Opalite Media produced for Pressley were viewed over 1 million times across all digital platforms. Pressley won the Democratic primary by 18 points.

The #1 Bus
Power of US
It's Time to Redefine Who Leads
Woodwell Climate Research Center

Challenge: Woodwell Climate Research Center, a global leader in climate research, was in the process of a full-scale rebranding effort and sought to create video content that would elevate their marketing and amplify an upcoming $10M capital campaign. The organization sought to energize and inspire key stakeholders, including partners, funders, and journalists, as well as create evergreen digital resources to enhance their brand. 

Insights: The creative strategy centered on creating a visceral feeling of action-oriented climate research in the field. By highlighting researchers as “heroes,” Woodwell Climate could highlight the organization’s unique impact to donors in an engaging way.

Solution: Opalite Media produced an evergreen, signature brand-identity video to reflect and communicate “who we are” and “what we do” for the organization. Additionally, we produced a series of fundraising videos for two discreet capital campaigns, aimed at high value foundations, donors, and institutions.

Woodwell Climate: Signature Video
Woodwell Climate: Fund for Climate Solutions
Woodwell Climate: Amazon Video
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